The msn-proxy is a lightweight transparent proxy for the msn messenger clients and allow you to control and monitor the use of messenger on your network.

Here is the list of things we should do for the next release:

  • Add support to new p2p protocol (fix file transfer block and others)
  • Add support to acls: "*mycompany@hotma*" (original idea from Marcio Luiz Ota)
  • Add support to whitelists, maybe thru acls (original idea from Diego Morales)
  • Add version of msn-proxy when called with -d (or -v) - done
  • Add warning message to remote user - done
  • Add option to remove/add users
  • Add option to search users logs
  • Add option to remove users logs
  • Add page views on users logs
  • Change database support to modules - done
  • Check whether to use autotools
  • Fix Messenger 9 support - done
  • Fix the 240/ADL error (merge Pierre's solution) - done
  • Fix the realtime monitor
  • I18n
  • Migrate from cvs to svn - done

    If you can help, please keep in contact: at

    msn-proxy at sourceforge


  • Thanks for your time and contribution !